Translation rates may vary depending on the characteristics of the source text. Some of the affecting factors are; format, difficulty, lead-time and project size. For exact pricing of your work, please contact us. We will need detailed description of your project/work along with a sample text.

Oral translation services are subject to negotiation.

Although terms and conditions may vary depending on the project our principal working terms are:

● Completed translations are delivered to the customer by e-mail, fax or courier, in the previously agreed format. A copy of the translated text will be archived with us, which will be the basis for payment.
● Objections and correction requests should be made in writing in 90 days. Requests made after this period cannot be accomodated.
● Correction requests within this period will be made free of charge.
● Payment for projects up to 100,000 characters or 15,000 words should be made within 30 working days.
● For larger projects, with which the character number is over 100.000 or 45.000 words, the terms of payment are determined due to mutual discussion.
● Payments past due 90 days or longer are considered delinquent and are subject to legal collection process.
● Our rate structure is based on standart lines (55 characters per line, excluding blank) or word number of the source text.
● Word or character count will be made by the Toolsà Word count command in MS Word software.
● Basic business ethics and guidelines will apply to any issue not mentioned here.

As Skopos Translation Services, our work is guaranteed for 3 months starting on the delivery date of the work. Within this period we will make a full refund for our works which client proves to be erroneous or incorrect.

We offer our quality services at reasonable prices with the objective to form long term partnerships based on trust and loyalty.