Skopos Translation Services provides simultaneous or consecutive oral translation services specifically suited for your needs that require verbal communication; business meetings, conferences, seminars, court sessions, notary public transactions, et cetera.

● Simultaneous translation
● Consecutive translation
● Oral translation services for fairs and exhibitions

Simultaneous translators work in booths specially equipped with a microphone and earphones. The speakers sentences are received by the earphone and simultaneously interpreted to the audience in the target language. This service is provided for meetings, conferences, seminars and other events where repeating and clarifications are not possible. Simultaneous translation requires in depth knowledge of source and target languages, proper pronunciation and familiarity with the subject matter. Only professionals who exclusively work as interpreters provide this service.

In consecutive translation, translator joins the meeting along with the participants and does not utilize any tools or equipment. Client speaks several sentences or minutes, depending on the content of the speech, during which the translator listens and takes notes. Speaker then pauses and the translator interpret what has been said. It should be noted that consecutive translation requires more than twice the amount of time required for simultaneous translation.

Our expert interpreters all of whom have experience in international business provide oral translation services.