Skopos Translation Services, with its extensive network of translators, offers translation services in several languages. We accept assignments in specific fields that require specialized translators such as law, engineering and medical. Skopos also offers translation to multiple languages from a single source language.

We offer services in the following areas:

LAW / LEGAL: Documents of legal, commercial, international business and financial nature; agreements, contracts, protocols, directives, minutes, petitions, regulations, constitutions, legislations, court decrees and summons, power of attorneys, authorized signature circulars, financial reports, manifests, petitions, credit agreements, bank letters of reference/guarantee, balance sheets, profit and income statements, trial balances, journal of registries, invoices, drafts etc.
TECHNICAL: User and maintenance guides, manuals, directions, specifications for construction, communications, infrastructure, chemicals, machinery, textiles industries.
MEDICAL: Articles, thesis, user and maintenance manuals of medical and dental equipment, health reports, prescriptions, medicine prospectus in the medical and dental fields.
LITERARY TRANSLATION: Fiction, essays, biography, memoirs.
MOTHER FIELDS: Translations in social sciences, identification cards, passports, diplomas, student cards, academic transcripts, catalogs, thesis, homeworks, web sites, voice transcripts.


In Skopos Translation Services each project is subjected to the following process

● Work is carefully evaluated and depending on the nature of the project, it is assigned to the most suitable translator or translation team.
● Our experts translate only into their native language.
● During translation, experts in the field are consulted if necessary.
● Prior to delivery, each work is reviewed by a third person.
● Customers are assigned the same teams each time (translator, proof reader, editor, terminology expert)
● Following the review by our proofreaders, translators make changes if necessary.