Skopos Translation Services is established by unifying the capital and missions of two successful companies that resulted in a new and strong entity targeting clients who demand high quality. Key individuals who are highly proficient translators with excellent command of their languages and have spent a substantial part of their lives outside their native country are the founders of the company.

One of the primary objectives of Skopos Translation Services is to provide translation and other language services to companies that demand quality regardless of where they are located in the world.

Our primary objective is to provide our clients with fast, reliable solutions within a reasonable pricing structure. We attain this objective by efficiently utilizing technology and continuously improving on our sound infrastructure. This very objective is the underlying factor that makes Skopos a team of successful translators and language service providers in global scale.

Quality of a translation lies greatly in selecting the right translator. At Skopos Translation Services, we carefully evaluate the nature of each project and assign it to a translator(s) with the most suitable experience and specialized skills. Among our translators are highly skilled professionals; engineers, legal expert, medical doctor, pharmacist, educators, economist, banker, international relations experts some of whom are either foreign or dual nationals.

It is another one of our principle, equal in importance to all others, to give the highest level of response to the requirements of our clients' needs. Within this framework we see working together a part of our job in identifying the criteria of all aspects of the work as a final product, the visual presentation, format and as such. We are in continual communication with our clients to keep them informed of all phases of their project prior to, during and after the assignment.

We make full and efficient use of technology. This not only saves time and reduce costs associated with translating a project, but provides consistency and accuracy of multiple projects of the same customer.

Skopos Translation Services offers its clients translation with Trados or Transit software systems that result in savings up to 50%.

Every project receives our meticulous attention regardless of its size. Skopos adherence to the principle of on time delivery prevents us from accepting work if we feel we are unable to deliver on time. We strictly protect the confidentiality of our past, existing and potential customers at all times.